About us

In 2011, we – Lars, Leo and Preben – started envisioning a new way to fit up retail store interiors. With extensive industry know-how and more than 45 years of combined experience, we set out to create innovative and functional retail solutions that ensure top-notch customer experiences – all based on a new way of working.

We wanted to go beyond a limited assortment and standard solutions – we wanted to provide our customers with a flexible set-up and to give them the freedom to choose the materials, designers and suppliers that were the best match for their projects.

And that is why we focused on developing an innovative way of working that would enable us to generate spot-on retail design solutions for each customer. We wanted to advise customers on materials, concepts and solutions – and of course, help them find the best teams in the industry and manage each project from A to Z. Our vision turned out to be solid and today we are a team of more than 30 shop-fitting experts.

Every project we work on is driven by our values: commitment, reliability and fairness. We are located in Aulum, in a quiet rural area close to Herning. So even though we design store interiors for both Danish and international customers, we keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. We believe that honesty, trust and reliability are the core of building strong, long-lasting relationships with customers, partners and employees. And we only promise what we can deliver.