Beauty by


On the square of the shopping center Ro’s Torv in Roskilde is a new and unique store that has already drawn international attention. Beauty by is the Scandinavian online shop’s first “offline” cosmetics shop. Created with the goal of giving customers – who are always considered and treated as guests – the ultimate shopping experience; both when it comes to quality and service.

– Cosmetics is our latest segment and consists of products you would often want to try out and feel before you buy them. That is why we launched our cosmetics alongside a physical store. Here, visitors are pampered in the same way as you would when hosting guests in your own home on a Saturday evening. Guests should have a unique and different experience that will inspire them to either come back to the store or to shop online. We want to reinvent physical retail and internally we refer to the store as a “retail theatre”, says Christian Schreiber, Retail Director at Boozt Fashion.

At the beginning of 2017, the planning, production and construction of the stage for the ultimate retail dream was placed in the hands of 2LP, who were also behind the installation of’s first physical outlet store, Booztlet in Copenhagen Outlet Center, Taastrup.

– We went with 2LP because of their trustworthiness and credibility, and because we knew they have the required experience to produce and deliver a solution of a quality that would match our ambitions.

Skill and experience

After finalising the plans for the interior, 2LP created a production plan with realistic elasticity for the entire construction project. The plan was followed throughout the process. 2LP were also responsible for all the interior of the store and, as such, also functioned as consultants, providing advice to ensure that the chosen solutions would work optimally.

– We work with the best suppliers for each product and it was a rare and exciting challenge to work with exclusive materials like, for example, solid brass. We employ our own technicians who possess the skills and experience necessary to solve the tasks optimally and within budget, says Jacob Skotte, Sales Manager at 2LP.

Many of the solutions used in the Boozt store had never been attempted before. Collaboration was therefore a very important part of the process.

– It was nice that we could get in touch with someone at 2LP at more or less any time, 24/7, if doubts or challenges arose, says Christian Schreiber.

A glass of bubbly

As planned, Beauty by opened in March 2017. Guests step into an exclusive universe of carpets, curtains, brass, newly designed “storage bookcases” reminiscent of’s original e-shopping universe, and an enchanting lounge environment. A visit is always accompanied by a glass of champagne – or a cup of coffee – and all products can be tried out at the store. Furthermore, guests always receive samples to take home.

– Our employees are trained to act as hosts rather than shop assistants. It is their job to make every guest feel welcome and make them want to explore the store in full. If it feels right, a visit may even end with a hug.

In addition to the atmosphere and feel-good environment, 2LP also produced important functional solutions. All fully integrated and hidden from view:

– We didn’t want a visible cash register. It’s ugly. We only want beautiful and aesthetically pleasing solutions. As a result, the customer’s receipt comes out of the furniture, and the staff – or “hosts”, as we call them – control everything from mobile devices. With their know-how, 2LP also designed all IT and lights solutions to be fully integrated, and thin brass pipes elegantly hold up our big 32″ flat screens so that it almost looks like they are floating in mid-air, says Christian Schreiber.

International acclaim

From day one, the exclusive shop has received an overwhelming response from visitors. A number of’s international suppliers, such as Gucci, Hugo Boss and Chloe fragrances, have enjoyed a visit to the store and have even used it as a unique European reference. are very pleased with their collaboration with 2LP:

– We hugely appreciate that when you work with 2LP a promise is a promise. They are very proactive and when there are challenges they are always there to support you. They are confident in what they deliver, and if it is not working for you they will redo it. It adds a great sense of calm to a project, says Christian Schreiber.