Fast and versatile partner

At 2LP we help companies ensure the success of their visual merchandising projects. Recently we helped Boozt Fashion create their first physical store, Booztlet which is an outlet store where customers can find remaining stock and collections from previous seasons from famous brands at favorable prices.

Boozt had their own ideas and visions, while we as partner and supplier helped to realize them.

“At Booztlet we want our customers to get inspired and have a good experience when they enter our stores,” said Christian Schreiber, Retail Director of Clothes Fashion, adding: “And although it is an outlet store, it was important to us that the shop was consistent with our brand and reflects the fact that we are an online chain. It was this task 2LP and the designers were faced with, and the task they have solved in a brilliant way”.

Delivery under time pressure

It took only four months from project start until we had a complete store.

“The starting gun sounded in September, and at that point we had no location or a finished concept. On December 1st the shop opened, so we have been working to an extremely tight deadline. 2LP has worked incredibly hard to draw, produce and install the shop fittings so we could open on time,” said Christian Schreiber.

The cooperation with 2LP has been good and effective, and it’s one of the reasons why it has been possible to develop the store concept in such a short space of time.

“2LP can deliver. If they say they can deliver something at a certain date, they provide it at that date. That was crucial for me, and they lived up to it,” says Christian Schreiber.

Trustworthy partner

2LP was the first supplier Christian Schreiber contacted: “I needed someone I could trust and who could guide me through the project. I had previously worked with 2LP and had them recommended by others, so I had full confidence that they could succeed at this task.”

Boozt Fashion needed a partner, advisor, and provider, and they could get all three rolled into one at 2LP.

“What matters to me is credibility. I have therefore been able to use 2LP as a partner for the things that they neither had anything to do with or earned money on. It has been a big plus that I could draw on their rich experience in a wide area. If something didn’t work, they came up with alternative solutions, and there is in principle nothing that can’t be done,” concludes Christian Schreiber, who has been very pleased with the cooperation and has already started a new project with 2LP.