Trustworthy company is growing fast

Since we were established in 2011, 2LP has grown from three to 25 employees, and we recently moved to a new building with lots of room to house our busy project managers and technicians.

In 2014 Erhvervsrådet Herning & Ikast Brande named us as the growth entrepreneurs of the year, and we recently received an AAA credit certificate. 2LP continues to grow, so we expanded the organization. Within the last year, we hired 12 new employees. Among them is Finn Stougaard – our new CEO – who will ensure that our organization keeps developing and continues to expand.

”2LP is a dynamic company with strong values and a clear sense of responsibility in relation to projects and clients. One of our strengths is our professional project management, which we of course want to invest in. We must have the most competent employees, who can manage projects with a fast and steady hand. And right now, we have a lot of those employees. It is important that we continue to invest in them in the future,” points out Finn Stougaard, before adding:

”We have a lot of big clients who we have cooperated with from the beginning, and who keep developing. It is our trustworthy partners who also work as our ambassadors, contributing to our growth. We can only do that because we focus on matching the customer’s skills, development and needs”.

Besides nurturing current clients, 2LP wants to move into other industries in the future and create projects for public institutions and the hospitality industry, for example.

A novel set up

One of the reasons for 2LP’s rapid development is our unique set up.

2LP’s clients choose materials, designers and suppliers themselves. In that way, we are able to offer unique solutions that are precisely adapted to the needs of each client. In other words, we are project managers who advise on concepts and solutions, finding the best teams and manufacturers for the job.

“The success that we experience comes from the way we have constructed our set up, in which we have no production ourselves, but instead source it externally. The main thing is that we have the technical knowledge, as well as our technicians and project managers, who steer the tasks,” says our Marketing Manager, Jacob Skotte, who continues:

“The technicians construct and draw while also making sure the product is durable and has the expression or appearance that it should have. They are also able to change some of the parameters in the construction process to find a better and cheaper solution.”

For that reason, it is important that we work closely with suppliers and have a wide network within manufacturers of wood, metal, glass and acrylic.

“A lot of us have worked with retail store interiors for several years, and our great network is important in terms of us finding success. At all positions, we have many suppliers, who we work closely with, providing bargains so that we can get the right price for our clients,” Jacob Skotte explains.

High quality and safe delivery

Our suppliers come from all over the world. Sometimes we cooperate with large companies, for example in Denmark, the Czech Republic or China. At other times, we receive our deliveries from small and medium-sized companies in Denmark. It depends on the job. We choose the supplier who will deliver the right product to our customers.

The smaller suppliers have the advantage of being geographically close to us, which means that they can deliver extremely quickly. We often work under huge time pressure if a store has to be ready in a few months, and in that case, it is important that we receive the products on time.

”There is no doubt that we like to use small companies who are geographically close to us. They radiate a special willingness, strength and speed, and they are able to adapt so that we can make it work quickly. In some companies, where the owner also works on the shop floor, a lot of things can happen in a short period of time,” Jacob Skotte explains.

It is important to us that we and our suppliers abide by our agreements. We make sure to finish projects on time, and that they live up to the expected quality. That is why we frequently carry out quality control on the received products before we install them.

”The time frame is often very short, so when we are at the new store or office everything has to work. It is important that the products work, so we don’t waste valuable time,” says Jacob Skotte and adds: “Our technicians often assess the quality and functionality of the products before we deliver them.