Our delivery process

What sets us apart is our way of working – the 2LP way. We don’t just fit up store interiors – we customise our retail interior solutions to match your needs and expectations in every detail.

How? We outsource everything from design to production and delivery. We look at our network of professionals and select the partners who can solve each project in the most optimal way.


Design draft

Final design drawing




Follow up

We are the link between you and the best retail design teams in the industry – and we make it our mission to deliver the solution that creates most value for you. In store, on time.

We focus on creating the best experience for you and your customers and we also want to make designing the interior of your store as easy as possible for you. And that is why we are with you every step of the way, from briefing, to installation, to follow-up.

When we work on a project, it is a complete solution. We make sure every step of the process runs smoothly and we only settle for top-quality end results.