From hand sketch to finished concept

We provide shop fittings for Illums Bolighus. The team behind the well-known store chain develops the concept ideas themselves, while we create the working drawings, find materials and manufacture the furniture pieces.

Martin Graae is the Interior & Visual Merchandising Manager at Illums Bolighus. One of our employees has been collaborating with Martin for many years. This means we are very closely attuned to his style and way of thinking. We can easily take Martin’s sketches and make them into finished concepts for Illums Bolighus’ stores in Scandinavia, from Amager Torv in Copenhagen to Stockholm and Bergen. We also collaborated together on the opening of Illum Bolighus’ new store in Stockholm’s Mall of Scandinavia:

“I designed and sketched out what we would like to see in our store and in a meeting with 2LP, we looked through materials and measurements. The team at 2LP made the working drawings, and after our final approval they set the shop fittings into production. They also handled the delivery in Sweden, where we set up the furniture pieces ourselves. 2LP does an excellent job all the time. They are great at what they do and they are extremely professional,” says Martin Graae.

Martin Graae has a clear vision of what he wants, and we provide input on the design, materials and surfaces to match the look he wants to achieve. He has a strong opinion on the visual expression of the stores in general and he works on all of the details, from lamps to gastronomy, to bed linen and jewelry. We provide shop fittings for the entire Illum Bolighus concept, from checkouts to bedroom departments and showcases – some with lights and others with leather surfaces.

An inspiring collaboration

The collaboration with Illums Bolighus inspires us. Martin Graae has a multitude of great ideas and solutions for the design and general look of the stores. With a professional background as a visual merchandiser and years of experience in shop fitting, Martin has the competencies and expertise that enable him to provide us with the necessary information, so that together we can achieve the best results.

“Our collaboration with 2LP is incredibly positive. I truly enjoy working on projects with them. They always come up with a solution if we cannot see one ourselves, and they get back to us if they can find an even better alternative. The team at 2LP is great at understanding our way of tackling things, and our way of working. We’ve been collaborating on projects for years and they know my style and workflow,” which is positive says Martin Graae.

We understand each other, which means from a few sketches and words, we can quickly develop new modules together. It is the close relationship and understanding of each other that enables us to have this incredibly productive collaboration. We already know each other’s expectations before we even sit down for a meeting.