From sketch to dream store

Magasin has its own in-house team dedicated to concept development, and we are their main external collaborative partner.

Every time a new concept is created, we work in close collaboration with Magasin right from the outset. We are part of the entire process – from idea to final in-store concept. We procure materials, create drawings and illustrations, and develop final prototypes. Our main strength is without a doubt the mix between our employees’ know-how and the complementary competencies of our network. This is how we make sure we always deliver the product on time and at the right price.

We hold weekly meetings in Copenhagen together with Magasin to ensure smooth management of the projects we collaborate on, and to be briefed on what the next step is. At the same time, we adapt the projects that will roll out in the following seasons.

“Our collaboration with 2LP is absolutely fantastic. We work together on shop-fitting projects and their input is invaluable to us when our ideas need to be put down on paper. All we have to do is show 2LP our rough sketches and we can be sure they’ll turn them into reality.” – Susanne Harries, Project Manager Store Design | Magasin

More than a supplier

What makes the difference for Magasin is that unlike other partners, there are no major follow-ups and controls when they collaborate with us on projects.

“We can easily hand over large parts of our projects to them, including the coordination function. 2LP goes beyond the frameworks of a traditional shop-fitting company – they actively engage in project management and have therefore become one of our main partners. When they visit our offices they are engaged beyond their own interests and they provide us with support and valuable guidance for other projects on top of the ones we directly collaborate on.” – Susanne Harries, Project Manager Store Design | Magasin

”I have a very good cooperation with 2LP – they are the best collaborators I have. We have a partnership rather than a supplier relationship. It’s a fair relationship and not one-sided, since we work together on things. I am in contact with them on a daily basis. It’s also a trusting relationship, and we are open about our plans for the next year or two.”

Solutions to any challenge

“They are reliable partners and they always get the job done. They are sharp at both delivering a great final product and meeting deadlines. And we are always charged the right price from the start. If the costs of a project exceed our budget, 2LP is quick to come with cost reduction suggestions. Our collaboration is based on trust and we have a good chemistry with each other. And we value their human approach to doing business – because no one wants to invest in partners they cannot trust. Sometimes we don’t know what we would do without them!” – Susanne Harries, Project Manager Store Design | Magasin

”There is a good mix of the personal and professional in our cooperation, and it gives me peace of mind to know the job will be completed, and if it isn’t they will do their outmost to fix it. I know that when they are in charge of a project, they will manage the whole process. Knowing that they are involved makes me feel secure.” – Ben Pashley. Stores Creative Manager | Magasin