We supply furniture for NEYE that complements their own in-store display concept. We also produce drawings of their new stores, where we make design suggestions based on their concept and guidelines. Furthermore, we work with their team on the renovation of existing stores. NEYE’s chain manager, Jan Vestergård says:

“Previously we had several suppliers, but at 2LP we get it all from one place, and that is clearly a strength. It’s nice for me, plus it means that we can pool larger purchases, which affects the price, so that’s a noticeable advantage. During remodeling, they keep us connected. They are good at keeping appointments and delivery times.”

At 2LP we are also working on concept maturation with Jan Vestergård and we constantly check the colors and materials, while examining if anything can be done differently. On this Jan Vestergård says: ”It means a lot to us that our goods appear alive and inspiring to our customers. At 2LP they are incredibly responsive and have a good understanding of the function of the inventory. They are good at translating our ideas into practice – they understand our needs and explain it to our subcontractors. If it isn’t quite right, they always help with optimizing it until I am satisfied. 2LP also challenge me and share new ideas, and we arrange yearly meetings where we discuss new opportunities. They show great experience and contribute with fresh ideas.”

Cooperation and trust

NEYE is a customer we enjoy working with. At 2LP we value proximity and openness about future plans, as well as full confidentiality. The loyalty we exhibit towards each other, in combination with an open dialog about everything, fits our setup perfectly. To that effect, Jan Vestergård says: “We see 2LP as a trusted partner. They are more than just a supplier, and we enjoy a great deal of cooperation. When we turn in our ideas, they handle them well and make suggestions for solutions. What they deliver is the core of our concept – it’s what we are known for when customers visit our stores. Our inventory delivers the expression on which our products thrive.”

Jan Vestergård says: “It’s clear that they have a good set of company values, which are expressed through their employees. Especially in regards to due diligence and thoroughness.”