Best shop-fitters in the business

We provide shop fittings in a variety of shapes and colours to the well-known department store Salling in Aarhus.

We manufacture, deliver and install furnishings for the department store. Salling typically refurnishes large areas at a time, involving many department store sections (e.g. mens’ clothing, shoes, cosmetics) and we therefore get the opportunity to use a large assortment of materials in one delivery.

The biggest and most exciting challenge with Salling is that we have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. We are in charge of making sure that the designers’ ideas become reality, and that’s where our skills and years of experience come into play. It is an exciting project for us to work with and we love it when designers push the limits to create something different. We know we can make unconventional ideas happen and we are always ready to meet the challenge. We can recreate the ideas and 3D layouts of Salling’s design team down to the smallest detail.

Superior quality

We have an outstanding partnership with Salling. We create exactly what they want, and we are more than simply a supplier. We closely collaborate with Salling on identifying alternative production methods and we advise them on the suitability of materials as well as suggest new possibilities.

“Our collaboration has always been based on mutual trust and openness around projects. 2LP has some of the best shop-fitters in the business and we feel confident handing over our design projects to them. Not only is the outcome spot-on every single time, but we also get to engage in constructive and insightful discussions with 2LP along the way. And quality is always improved when they are in charge of a project.

The advantage in working with 2LP is streamlined collaboration, flexibility, transparency and fast delivery times. We feel confident because we know what we get, and I know that if I give them a job, the outcome will 100% match our expectations – with 2LP a deal is a deal.” – Jens Severin, Design Manager | Salling