2LP welcomes Hanstholm Kitchen

Posted: 13 February 2023

Hanstholm Kitchen continues under new management!

More than 30 jobs preserved and the goal is for customers to have their kitchens delivered

On Monday morning - the first day of the winter holidays - it became a fact that the nationally renowned kitchen company located in Northwest Jutland continues to produce high-quality kitchens, as it has been doing since 1968.

Two seasoned professionals have bought the assets out of the bankruptcy estate. One is the family company behind Lars Gantzel Pedersen, who was also part of the previous ownership circle, and the other is an old acquaintance in the kitchen industry - Villy Jæger from Aalborg, who has entered the project through his co-ownership of 2LP, which produces fixtures for the retail trade. Villy Jæger also takes on the role of managing director, while former managing director Carsten B. Andersen continues as market and factory manager.

-It will be at a reduced level. As the market situation is at the moment, we will simply have to cut back to the bone, and that means that we will unfortunately have to start with a smaller setup, where we will be represented in five cities with two own and three franchise stores, says Villy Jæger.

You will continue to be able to buy the exclusive kitchen with the proud carpentry traditions at large franchise stores in Frederikshavn, Aalborg and Svendborg, and the two flagship stores on Gammel Kongevej in Copenhagen and on Åboulevarden in Aarhus will remain as chain-owned showrooms.

- This gives us a visible presence on all three continents in Denmark, and if you want a new Hanstholm Kitchen, a drive of up to an hour is hardly a problem if you want to see the product in optimal surroundings with the right worktops, white goods and so on, says the new director.

More reasons for continuation

- There are several reasons why we have chosen to continue, says Lars Gantzel Pedersen, Chairman of the Board.

- Firstly, up to 30 employees will keep their jobs in the five shops and at the factory in Vilsund, which is described by professionals as a model factory for item production. And we have secured profitable operations even in times of economic slowdown by making agreements on various subcontracts to new customers, says Lars Gantzel Pedersen.

- However, the most important thing for Carsten Andersen and me personally is that we can now manage to execute by far the largest part of the order portfolio so that customers get the orders they originally ordered, says Lars Gantzel Pedersen.
The announcement of the rescue, which came out this morning, naturally caused great joy among the continuing employees.
- Thyboer and the other players in Hanstholm Kitchen are tough and spirited people, and approach the continuing task with humility and go-ahead courage. You can rely on them - also in the future, says Villy Jæger, who together with the Gantzel Pedersen family has thrown in such a nice amount that you can count on Hanstholm Køkken in the future.

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