Inventory production

When all your wishes for your new project are defined and documented, and we agree on prices and deadlines, we press the production button together!

Over many years, 2LP has established contacts with both foreign manufacturers, as well as local family-run blacksmiths, carpenters and painting companies.
Production methods are state-of-the-art and our manufacturers produce high quality fixtures and take pride in delivering good workmanship on time.

We have saved on bricks and cement for large factory buildings and endless rows of warehouses and instead use our resources to nurture our flexible production networks that can quickly meet the needs of your particular project and create value for you.

Delivery and installation

Once your project has been prepared by either 2LP Construction or another equivalent company, your 2LP contact will coordinate deliveries with our manufacturers and subcontractors. Together, they ensure that you receive your inventory in the order that suits you and your employees.

Your 2LP contact can also coordinate the installation of your furniture through our experienced installation partners. 2LP can ensure that this final phase before your new project opens is also a success.

A few weeks after delivery, your contact person, together with you, will check the quality of your new furniture on site.

We want our customers to have a good experience throughout the process:
From your initial dialogue with our sales or construction staff to the delivery of the new white box or the opening of your new store concept. For the same reason, it's important to us that we can meet our deadlines.

Our deliveries and installation of furniture must be on our customers' terms.