Corporate Social Responsibility


Objective 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and support innovation.

Here we work primarily with sub-goals:

9.4 By 2030, infrastructure must be upgraded and industries retrofitted to make them sustainable, with more efficient use of resources and increased use of clean and environmentally friendly technologies and industrial processes. All countries must act according to their respective capacities.

We are doing this through the following initiatives:

Local innovation

We use local materials and partners.

We work with local architects, manufacturers and suppliers - and when we say local, we mean local to you, the customer.
It makes the most sense in climate terms because it reduces the need for transport and uses the local strengths that are in the area.

Samtidig er det også med til at skabe sparring på tværs af landegrænser. The combination of our and our partners' knowledge creates synergy, and we strive to inspire as many suppliers as possible to offer even more and greener solutions to both our and their customers.

Material database

We make it easy and accessible to choose green materials for your project.

At 2LP, we are constantly expanding our knowledge of more sustainable building materials. We do this through information gathering and in close dialogue with our suppliers. We have therefore - in cooperation with our suppliers - set up a physical materials library in our office and warehouse.

In this way, we ensure easy access to the more sustainable choices - and we enable you, the customer, to see and touch the greener options.


We use green packaging.

Choosing green packaging is a process. That's why we're in constant dialogue with our regular packaging supplier to ensure we have the latest knowledge about the green packaging options they offer.

Our current focus is that when there is a greener alternative to our existing packaging, we will make the switch as soon as possible.

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